Speaking Engagements

​Book Guest Speaker Yolanda Holder for your next event!  Yolanda challenges others to find their own creative inner voice, run or walk the path less traveled and pave your own unique lane. She is a nationally known marathoner and spokesperson,  and has been in print, radio and television.

Athletic Events


Yolanda speaks to athletes of all ages and abilities about our greatest obstacles that originate from within – fear being the biggest obstacle.  About merging mind, body and spirit to accomplish any goal. Power exists for all of us to explore and use, it doesn’t require definition, recognition or praise. It merely is!

Corporate Events

More than a third of the U.S. workforce reports moderate to very poor health, translating to rising health care costs to employers for their “unfit” employees.  In a country where we are ebbing closer and closer to half the nation, including our children, being obese and a clear correlation emerging between staff performance and staff health. The health and well being of the staff is very important to the quality of production, and there are good reasons for prioritizing investment in it.     

Trade Shows/ Expos

Trade shows/ Expos are effective not only because key prospects are all under one roof, but they're eager to see what you have to offer. Trade show attendees have the interest, need and time to look at your products or services.

Invite Yolanda to promote your products or organization!